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More we, less me!

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… after all, working time is also lifetime. That’s why Schulz offers a quality working environment where your performance is appreciated and where you share values and respect with the Schulz family and our guests. We want to do more than just work for the sake of working; we want to work for one another - so don‘t worry, be Schulz!  

Five percent of Schulz‘ profits flow directly into his social projects. From the very first second, you take on responsibility through your commitment. If you feel that you would like to do more and make a bigger commitment, Schulz gives you a chance to harness this spirit. You can become directly involved in social projects – even during your working hours! 

We want you to do well and we believe that performance should pay off. As Schulz says, "Money is not dirty". After all, commercial success sustains his social framework, enables social engagement and directly protects your job. 

The ability to lead people is a gift and social responsibility that requires a willing attitude but not much of a hierarchy.  At Schulz we all work together: We work together for our values and work together to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. For Schulz this also entails perfectly groomed rooms and a friendly welcome at the hotel entrance. Schulz – a strong community in which we learn from one another and take on responsibility. „More we, less me!"

In the world of travel, flexibility is a basic prerequisite that is based on reciprocity and trust. This liberty is something that Schulz is keen to give his guests and his family alike. And that’s why you can decide when you want to work and when you want to have time off for yourself, your friends and your family. 

„You shall learn for life“ – Schulz says that it is from within the community that you acquire the experience that makes you and the Schulz family more efficient, creative, tolerant, flexible and also more successful. Every career with Schulz is different. Your talent and your interests provide the cue for your further development – a stellar path that takes you all the way forward?  – That’s up to you entirely.

We are demanding – just like you are. And we have a lot to offer. Do you share our values? If so, apply now!




Values that unite us!

 The sum is more than its component parts. 
Showing empathy for others and being able to plan and act jointly with others.

 Putting fairness into practice 
Getting encouragement to plan and act independently and using fairness as a basis for decision- making and action

 Being cosmopolitan 
Open-mindedness and understanding the backgrounds and stories of others. Sharing values beyond national borders.

 Participation spurs you on to surpass yourself 
Getting encouraged to partake in collective decision-making – letting others motivate you and subsequently becoming active yourself

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