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Schulz stands for an idea

Schulz stands for an idea – for an understanding of values that we have in common with our guests even beyond national borders.  It stands for a long overdue change in the hotel industry.  Schulz stands for a captivating balance of opposites – we offer space for your ideas and structure. We offer predictability and flexible duty rosters. Schulz sees itself as a commercial enterprise and as a part of Berlin. So why not be big and sustainable?

This August, Germany’s first Schulz hotel will open its doors in Berlin’s new, hip quarter at the East Side Gallery.  This latest coup by the Meininger Hotel founders will offer travelers not just a hotel but a home.  Past and future collide at the longest remaining section of the old Berlin Wall to engender something great:  350 individual guestrooms, an exciting food concept and a large beer garden. Young and old, locals and travelers from all over the world come together here.

Schulz thus is not your usual hotel.  And that’s why we are looking for people who "tick" a bit differently

– you!

Values that unite us!

Flexibility and good planning certainty

At Schulz, you decide your working hours.  When – and how long – you work is up to you. This way you’ll have time for your family and friends. For us, it’s not about how long – or how often – you work but that you work with us! Schulz also offers working-hours models that appeal to mothers, fathers and older individuals – working-hour models that align with your particular life path. Strike a work-life balance that works for you!

  • Custom schedule  – set your own working hours
  • Part-time, full-time,  direct  & re-entry into the job market
  • Duty rosters that match your lifestyle
  • You want to go abroad? Do so with Schulz!

Always be yourself

Headscarf, highly-talented, immigrant - or failing in mathematics? We’re interested in the individual behind your CV. Are you a cordial and fully-engaged host? Then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for! We welcome tattoos, individuality and fresh ideas.  And we reward you with a range of perks:

  • Staff housing 
  • Your uniform is streetwear of your choice!
  • Great team activities
  • Appraisal interviews geared at encouraging your professional growth

Good performance pays off!

We want to broadcast our idea into the world and for this we need real power! We want to evolve together with you while challenging and encouraging you. You want more? You’ll get more! While Schulz expects extraordinary commitment it also offers a package of special benefits:

  • Bonus program – you can take part in Schulz' success
  • Special incentives for you and your family
  • Advancement and development opportunities worldwide
  • On/off-the-job coaching and training
  • Idea management to implement your idea

Social participation

At Schulz we foster a strong, self-sustaining, non-hierarchical community. The emphasis is on personality rather than ego. And, as an enterprise, we see ourselves as a part of Berlin.  We support social projects – and you can do the same. Even during working hours! You don’t believe it? Have a look at what else Schulz offers.

  • Become a volunteer –  spent 5% of your paid working hours to work in a local social project!
  • Schulz supports local neighborhood school with free class trip
  • 5% of the hotel’s overall profits is earmarked for social projects
  • Collaboration with local businesses and educational partners
  • Act sustainably - Social Society Schulz

What we offer

 Flexible duty rosters
Set your own working hours after coordinating with family and friends 

 Training and coaching
Free weakly class in German language / Training on & off-the-job 

Staff discounts
Discounted rooms and meals at Schulz – for you and your family

Furnished flats/flat-sharing communities (depends on availability)

Team events
Shared celebrations, sports meets and team activities 

Stake in the hotel’s success
Employees get a share of profits generated from their additional sales


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What your future colleagues say about Schulz

Not only does Schulz inspire the name of our hotel, but also shapes the way we think and act. Everyone is welcome here: visionary, stubborn, nerdy. Everyone is different, and that's how it should be. Do I need to mention that I am the stubborn one?


Schulz - a young team with special characters - a unique mix with whom it's wonderful to share work, arguments and laughter. I love the open and honest way of dealing with each other and the short decision making process within the company.


Lots of freedom and space for your own decisions - at Schulz every opinion counts! One team one vision: bringing Schulz to life!


Convinced? If so, we’d like to hear from you!