Come to Schulz

You enjoy working in an environment with people from all over the world? You work independently and with commitment and thus contribute to a productive community? You always want to be open, courteous, helpful and a good host? Then come to Schulz!

Schulz stands for an understanding of values that connects us and our guests beyond national borders. It stands for a new kind of hotel business through a new understanding of hospitality and cooperation. Schulz combines modern entrepreneurial action with social responsibility and thus allows a cosmopolitan community to grow, which is responsible in all areas of life. Schulz donates a portion of its profits to social projects.

We look less at your resume and more at you as a person. We don’t care if you wear a headscarf, got a 5 in math or don’t speak fluent German – what matters to us is the spirit you live and if you are a warm host for our guests! If you are new to Berlin, we can help you, for example with a place in our Schulz WG. We are looking forward to meeting you!


This is Schulz for you

  • Ick bin ein Berliner! Berlin has always been the city you wanted to live in? We help you to arrive in Berlin with your own apartment.
  • Your family! Do you need help finding a kindergarten or school place for your little ones? With our cooperation partners we can help you.
  • Work for life, not for money! Our employees are important to us. As our company grows, we want you to grow too. With learning days, on the job trainings and a cross-departmental system, we want to bring out the best in you. Free language courses (via app) are also available. And the best part - food is also provided ..
  • Think global! At Schulz, we promote and live an international and cosmopolitan community that is supportive - regardless of age, background or worldview.
  • Always be yourself! Tattooed, single parent, headscarf or 5 in math? We are looking for people, not resumes. Benefit from flexible working hours that fit your life!
  • Come as you are! With fresh ideas & a great personality you enrich our young team. Schulz offers room for free development and encourages individuality - be who you are!
  • Work for values! Schulz promotes your social commitment. You work voluntarily for a social project and Schulz gives you the chance to use up to 5% of your working time for this.
  • More we, less me! At Schulz we promote a community that is self-supporting and gets along with flat hierarchies. Personality comes before egoism. We do things differently because we don't think vertically, but horizontally. We'll be happy to explain what that means in a personal meeting.

You share our values


We are a team and rely on cooperation instead of competition.


We look out for one another and communicate openly, respectfully, support one another and listen to one another.


We love and we live diversity. This is reflected in our team, our hotel and our guests.


We are entrepreneurs and boldly move forward, even in unconventional ways.


We strive for constant improvement through further development and optimization.


We are warm-hearted hosts and welcome our guests as if they were in our own home.


We like to give to inspire and because it makes us and others happy. This is part of how we see ourselves in the world of today and tomorrow.

„More we, less me.“