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Schulz Hotel Berlin

House rules

Dear guest,

Welcome to Schulz Hotel. I just returned from a trip to Borneo. I stayed in a traditionally longhouse in the jungle, where up to 50 families live under one roof. To make sure everyone stays happy, they are thoughtful and watch out for each other.

At Schulz Hotel things are quite the same. Please have a look on the following points to make the stay pleasant for everyone.

Have a great time in Berlin.



The reception is open 24/7.
You can always call us: 0049 (0)30 214801529
Or reach us by email:



On the day of the arrival, your room will be available from 3 pm. Based on availability you might be able to check in earlier. This can’t be guaranteed.

On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated by 11 am (school classes/groups by 9 am). Late checkout requests may be made through the front desk only, and are subject to determination based on hotel occupancy. If so, you can stay in the room until 2 pm for an additional charge of 20,00 Euro per room.


Room key card

Each room will be given at least one key card when you check in. This must be handed in at the reception when you check out. If you lose the card, we charge a fee of 5 Euro for a replacement. Please inform our reception staff immediately, so no third person will be able to have access to the room.

Storage of luggage

The guest can store luggage for a small fee in lockers in the luggage room. This service is subject to availability of the storage place.

Groups of 20 persons and above may store their luggage for free. This service is at the guest’s sole risk as to loss or damage of any cause.


Deposit boxes

Deposit boxes are provided in the multi-bed-rooms to store any valuables. Locks can be purchased at the vending machine in the lobby opposite the elevator, based on availability. Additional deposit boxes are located in the lobby next to the reception. Keys are available at the reception. This service is at the guest’s sole risk as to loss or damage of any cause.



Individual guests and accompanying persons of groups in single or double rooms receive towels – this is already included in the price.
Towels can be exchanged during your stay on request.



Breakfast can be booked additionally at the reception. Information about breakfast times is available at the reception. Guests may eat as much as they want from the provided all-you-can-eat-buffet. Foods and drinks may only be taken away for the rest of the day when expressly permitted by the hotel.

Hotel restaurant, café, bar and buffet work with self-catering. Please return used dishes and waste to the disposal station.

Groups of 20 persons and above are asked to discuss buffet times during check in with reception staff. Groups are asked to eat together at the stated or agreed times.

Please keep the guest kitchen clean. Own food, drinks and ingredients may be stored free of charge in the provided fridge – please mark them with name and date. Hotel staff might throw away spoiled food or food belonging to guests who have checked out. The hotel accepts no liability for food.


Smoking, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs & Weapons

It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks into the hotel.

The consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages are subject to the regulations of the Protection of Young Persons Acts.

The following applies for youth groups of 20 persons and above: In consultation with the group leader, wristbands will be distributed on arrival if applicable. Wristbands must be worn throughout the whole stay and indicate the groups who are not allowed to be served alcoholic drinks.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire building. A breach of this rule shall entitle the hotel to charge a sum of 300 Euro from the guest. The same applies to the manipulation of smoke detectors and the unauthorized opening of emergency doors. The hotel reserves the right to assert a higher claim if this has caused – for example – a higher damage to hotel property or the hotel is billed for a deployment of the fire service.

It is strictly forbidden to bring illegal drugs or weapons into the hotel. A breach of this rule will result in immediate ejection. Relevant authorities will be notified by hotel staff in any event.


Quiet hours

Out of consideration for other guests and our neighbours, we ask to keep quiet from 10 pm. Please avoid noise in the rooms, corridors and all hotel premises. Please close doors carefully and behave respectfully towards other guests, residents and hotel staff. Non-observance of the night’s sleep can lead to immediate house referral.

Staff are present in the building 24/7. At night there will be regular patrols through the building. The entrances will be locked at night – the building may be accessed at all times by guests using the keycards.



Proper attire is required in the public areas of the hotel. This includes wearing shoes, tops and bottoms. Visitors over age 12 are prohibited from wearing costumes and masks (except on medical grounds). Schulz Hotels reserves the right, at any time and at our sole discretion, to escort out of the hotel area any persons wearing clothing that may disturb other visitors or to charge a sum of 300 Euro from the guest.



Guests may have visitors in their rooms which must be registered at the reception. Only the public areas on the ground floor are available to visitors after 10 pm. The hotel can refuse access in individual cases.



The maximum load of the lifts must not be exceeded. In the case of improper use, the hotel accepts no liability, and any costs incurred as a consequence must be settled at the hotel.


Fire precautions

Emergency exits and fire escapes may only be used in an emergency.

In the event of an emergency a loud signal tone will ring out. In this case guests must evacuate the hotel by the shortest route and refrain from returning to their rooms. Lifts must be avoided in all cases. Please use the emergency exits and stairs, that are marked accordingly.

Please go directly to the muster point, which is located on the green space between the wall of East Side Gallery and the Spree-river. The access can be found at the wall opening next to the hotel. Escape routes are displayed on the locations designated by the fire department, at the reception, at the room doors and in the corridors.


Room cleanliness

Please do not throw any sanitary products or items in the toilets – nobody is happy about clogged toilets.  Please use sanitary bags and bins instead, which are provided for each toilet.

Rooms must be left in a neat and orderly condition. In case of vacated rooms that are left extremely dirty, an extra cleaning fee will be charged.

The following applies for youth groups of 20 persons and above: On the day of departure the beds must be stripped and refuse disposed in the waste bins (large refuse bags are available at the reception). A group leader will hand the rooms back to the hotel staff in good order.


Damages and deposit

The guest will be held liable for any damage to hotel property or severe soiling caused due to willful misconduct or gross negligence and in case a fire alarm is wrongfully set off. If the guilty person within a group cannot be identified, the entire group will be held reliable.

The hotel reserves the right to demand a deposit of up to 500 Euro upon arrival or during the stay. The deposit will be refunded on departure if no damage or severe soiling caused by a member of the group is established by this point. Any costs that go beyond the amount of the deposit must be settled directly at the hotel or will be invoiced retrospectively by the hotel or involved third parties.

The guest should notify the hotel’s reception desk immediately upon noticing any damage, so that he will not be liable to recourse for this. Please do not remove any furnishings or items such as chairs or duvets from your room.



Guests are not allowed to enter dining areas barefoot and/or in nightwear. Pets must not be taken into the dining area. This is for reasons of hygiene.

It is forbidden to throw objects out of the window or to call from the window. In some rooms the windows can be only opened slightly for safety reasons.

The public areas of Schulz Hotel are video-monitored for security reasons.


Commercial filming and photography

Commercial filming and photography may be carried out in the entire hotel building and premises only with the written permission of the hotel management.


General Terms and Conditions

Further, the General Terms and Conditions of Schulz Hotels may apply. These can be obtained at the hotel or downloaded from

Gross breaches of the house rules, the General Terms and Conditions of Schulz Hotels or the failure to comply with the demands of the hotel staff will lead to the immediate ejection from the hotel. In this case, any payment already made for services will not be refunded.


Last revised 01.06.2022