Schulz Hotel Berlin

Schulz Hotel Berlin


Good Morning. Good Appetite.

If Schulz is the heart of this hotel, then our breakfast is definitely the stomach, as love is known to go through it. We take pride in our extensive breakfast buffet with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. On our travels, we have come to know the most diverse styles of starting the day. Inspired by markets, bazaars, and delicacies from different cultures, we created a best-of-Breakfast that sparks curiosity and offers something for everyone.

Our breakfast buffet is open for you from 6:30 AM to 11:00 AM!

Schulz offers an international selection with many vegetarian and vegan options.

Look forward to fresh croissants, bread rolls, and other baked goods daily – including gluten-free!

Missed breakfast?

Our Martha Café has you covered.

Our restaurant, The Hungry Bear, is open for you every day.


Openness to the world is part of our ethos, visible everywhere you look. That’s why it’s clear that we also help you think outside of the box, not just in culinary terms, and always offer our guests new international dishes


Speaking of which: with our best-of-Breakfast, we serve you an international specialty daily. This special is for everyone who wants to start their day with a bit of curiosity. You can find it at the international corner of the breakfast buffet.

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Some say life is like a box of chocolates. We think it should be more like a really good bowl. Simply put in whatever you fancy without fear and then give it a good stir.  The beauty of it: Every bowl is as unique as the person holding the spoon. For your personal touch, we offer yoghurt, applesauce, honey, apples, bananas, pears, oranges, chia seeds, cashews, walnuts, almonds, syrup, cornflakes, muesli, and much more. Only the good stuff finds its way into our bowl.



Anyone who travels a lot, like we do, has experienced, seen and eaten a lot. The way people eat breakfast around the world also varies from culture to culture. We’ve documented the best and most exciting of these experiences in our books and brought them back home to the Schulz Hotel. Delicacies such as our homemade hummus, an unforgettable papaya-mango dip, and exquisite breakfast tapas are all souvenirs in the form of international recipes that we have brought home for you. Of course, the classics are also not to be missed. You can expect fresh fruit, muesli, eggs in various styles, cold cuts & cheese, as well as a variety of juices, coffee, and tea.

The full portion of good morning mood. Since some of our guests eat less, breakfast is free for children under the age of 3 and available at a reduced price for minors. You can learn more about the family package at Schulz Hotel Berlin here.



Martha Café

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Portuguese specialties, coffees, pastries, and cold drinks – the Martha Café in the lobby offers everything you need throughout the day.


Hungry Bear

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The Hungry Bear Restaurant & Bar serves daily street food classics and a variety of drinks and cocktails to help you wind down the evening.