Schulz – the German cosmopolitan embodies our new society. As a Berliner, a gentleman and host, Schulz represents the values of “New Germany”. Schulz merges modern entrepreneurship with social responsibility, thus promoting the development of a cosmopolitan community that takes on responsibility in all areas of life.

The founders of Schulz Hotels are thus continuing their success story in the hotel industry.   But with Schulz Hotels, they are upping the ante.




The world is opening up!

Schulz stands for an idea and an understanding of values that we have in common with our guests – even beyond national borders. We advocate a long overdue change in society and a new understanding of the hotel trade. Schulz doesn’t make a trade-off between ‘successful’ and ‘sustainable’ – we are striving for both!

You share the values of Schulz? Do not hesitate to work with us in Germany and all over Europe. For further information check our property requirements.

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