VACATION OR BUSINESS TRIP To Schulz Hotels in Berlin

Double rooms

By Schulz

We booked a cozy 2-bed room for our short Berlin trip together. Everything fits perfectly for us and the room is modern and clean!

Our double room for single use is functional and practical for the trip to Berlin.

In the evening we watch an exciting film on Netflix or Smart TV. Just the thing after a long sightseeing tour. We send snapshots of the first day of travel to friends and family via the fast W-LAN.

Good air! Air conditioning regulates the room climate. If necessary, we can open the window. The rooms are non-smoking.

With the mobile check-in and mobile key, we can enter our room directly and without contact - great idea!

Practical storage space with an open cupboard and coat hook for keeping things tidy on the go.

In the room we discover a story about an encounter with Schulz, which we read curiously. By the way, every room has its own story ...

An elegant bathroom with a comfortable shower and plenty of towels - a bit of wellness just for the two of us.

Wherever attempts to escape from the GDR with firearms were prevented between 1961-1989, they happen every year today  4 million visitors from all over the world peacefully together.

Did you  already know?

Your guest room is cleaned according to the hygiene protocol. Please just let us know if we should clean your room during your stay.

We start the day smoothly with coffee, tea, juice and a delicious international breakfast.

For us early risers, but also for late risers, there is an international breakfast from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and by the way: history. We look through the window and see the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall.

We take a break in the cozy Café Martha and watch the hustle and bustle of the big city through the large windows. The café is open daily and offers Portuguese delicacies.

Today we are the cooks. The guest kitchen offers everything you need for cooking. Quickly bought in the supermarkets across the street in the Ostbahnhof and off you go.

Your Schulz Hotel has been selected among the 50 most beautiful hotels in Europe.

Would you like to take a short walk along the promenade? We go to the park on the Spree, which is right by the hotel.

And if our feet hurt after a long day, we just stay in the hotel, sit in the cozy lounge or browse through the books in the library.