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Achieving more together

Schulz Hotels promotes a social and cosmopolitan society. You also? We support your social commitment with our free accommodation in Berlin.

We combine modern entrepreneurship with social responsibility and thus stand for a long overdue change in society. That is why we support people who are actively involved in solving social or sustainable issues. Does your commitment bring you to Berlin? Then come to us as Schulz Ambassador! With your overnight stay with us you save important resources, which your project can then use elsewhere. Together, we work to spread your message across society through social media.

Your project

Your stay in Berlin refers to a sustainable or social project. Issues of particular concern to us are equality of opportunity in education, equal rights, diversity, sustainability and social commitment in the broader sense.

That’s you

You come to Berlin to engage. Maybe you organize an event or you are a speaker at a symposium. Maybe you are a member of an NGO. Or maybe you're a PHD student or a journalist, doing research on a social topic? Let us know!

Join our social society:

  • Stay for free at Schulz Hotel Berlin Wall.
  • Use your resources for the things we both care about.
  • You share your stay with us through your social networks.
  • We report on you and your involvement in our social media.
Become an Ambassador!
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Our SchulzAmbassadors: