The Schulz Gallery extends the East Side Gallery and is an open art space with changing pictures by artists from all over the world. Schulz provides the space for your art.





Spring 2024

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Summer 2024

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Autumn 2024

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Artists 2023


TOP OF THE POPS Dominik Schubert

Winter 2023
… presents my latest illustration work inspired by and following my previous project FRATZEN (German for grimace). This time I’m focussing on actual entities of pop culture: think Homer Simpson, Marilyn Monroe or Mickey Mouse. It’s meant to be an hommage to the grandeur of such everlasting icons while at the same time enabling a more fun and satirical approach to commercialism.

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Your pictures at the Schulz Gallery

Apply with your pictures. This goes with your submission:
– 3 to 6 motifs as a high-resolution PDF file in A1 format for poster printing, bleed 2mm, no crop marks
– description of the pictures
– a short CV  for the post on our website
– Links to your homepage or project page

The hotel reserves the right to evaluate submitted motifs at its own discretion and to check whether they can be exhibited in the Schulz Gallery. The motifs are changed at irregular intervals. There is no guarantee of an exhibition. We do not accept images with sexual, violent or discriminatory content.


If you are interested, please use our contact form (Press & Marketing) or send an email directly to marketing[at]