Experience as a foundation: Schulz collected many on his travels and brought them with him to Berlin. Countless encounters and conversations with people all over the world gave rise to the idea of ​​founding a hotel that is not exchangeable, but special, that offers far more than just accommodation and meals.

Schulz is a meeting place – regardless of the origin or age of its guests – where people who think differently and like the same come together and something great is created. A place that is colorful, personal, open, tolerant, social, sustainable and innovative.

Schulz stands for an enlightened open society in the best tradition of philosophy, art and science and addresses cosmopolitanism, exchange, progress, nature, culture and politics.
For its guests, Schulz is a place that can inspire and give new impulses, that promotes and strengthens awareness of the global issues of our time.

A place where modern entrepreneurship and social responsibility go hand in hand. The resting place and meeting point at the same time is where new networks arise and communication can take place.