General Rules for Groups


'House Rules'

Dear Guests,

We want everyone to have a wonderful stay at the Schulz Hotels. This can be assured if we take care of one another and also abide by certain rules. The following House Rules apply in all Schulz Hotels. You will be informed of any hotel-specific deviations to these rules when checking in.


The hotel reception desk is staffed around the clock. Our friendly team will be happy to help should you have any questions or concerns.


You will be issued at least one keycard per booked room. A fee (5 EUR/GBP per keycard) will be charged should you lose your keycard. Please notify the reception desk immediately of any keycard loss so that we can prevent unauthorized access to your room.

The hotel day starts at 3 pm on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated by 10 am unless you booked the late check-out (2 pm) option.

The luggage room is available around the clock to store your belongings. Valuables can be stored in a safe (subject to availability) for a refundable deposit. For groups of 12 or more people: During check-in the group coordinator must liaise with reception desk team regarding how long the baggage is to be stored on the day of departure.

Please do not flush sanitary products or other items down the toilets! Sanitary disposal bags and waste receptacles are available to you in all of the lavatories.

The following applies to groups of 12 or more people in multi-bed rooms: On the day of departure please remove the bed linens and also put all waste in the waste bins. Larger bin bags, if needed, are available to you at the reception desk. Prior to check-out, the group’s chaperone will conduct a walk-through of the rooms before turning them over to the hotel staff.


The breakfast buffet is open daily from 6.30 – 11.00 am. Taking food or drinks from the buffet to the rooms may only be done with express prior consent from the hotel. Please enjoy your breakfast at our restaurant. Please also return soiled dishes and waste to the bussing station.

Guest kitchen: Please leave the guest kitchen in the same condition in which you found it. Food and drinks brought from outside the hotel may be stored in the provided refrigerators but must be labeled with your name, date and room number. Our team checks the refrigerators regularly and will dispose of food that is not labeled or spoiled – or was left behind by departed guests. The hotel does not assume liability for food that is stored in the guest kitchen.

The following applies for groups of 12 or more people:

Upon prior agreement, the lunch and evening buffets can open from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm and from 5:30 to 8.00 pm.

Quiet Hours Policy, Order & Safety

Hotel quiet hours begin at 10 pm and apply to all rooms, hallways as well as to the outdoor premises. Please avoid any kind of noise during quiet hours. Non-compliance with our quiet hours policy may result in immediate eviction from the hotel. The hotel expects all guests to treat one another, neighbors and the hotel staff in a respectful manner. It is not permitted to throw things from windows or to call out from the windows. For safety reasons, the windows in some of the rooms may not be opened fully or at all. Emergency exits (also via windows) as well as fire escapes may be used only in emergency situations.

The maximum occupancy and weight limits of the lifts must be strictly observed. The hotel does not accept liability for their improper use and any costs for damages must be settled immediately at the hotel.

Our team is present on the premises 24/7. Night-time rounds throughout the hotel are conducted at regular intervals. Entrances are kept locked at night but access is possible anytime with a keycard. For your safety, video surveillance is in operation in the hotel’s public areas.

Non-resident hotel guests must register at the reception prior to entering a guest room. The hotel reserves to right to deny access in individual cases.

For groups of 12 or more people in multi-bed rooms the following applies additionally: In coordination with the group coordinator, armbands will be provided to group members on arrival. These armbands are to be worn throughout the group’s stay at the hotel and enable our team to check affiliation with the group

Alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs & weapons

Bringing alcoholic beverages to the hotel is prohibited.
Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hotel. In the event of non-compliance, the hotel will charge a fee of 300 EUR (or 300 GBP). This fine also applies for tampering with a smoke detector and the opening of emergency exits by unauthorized individuals. The hotel reserves the right to claim higher damages if, for example, the hotel is invoiced for the deployment of a fire department or if hotel property is damaged due to unauthorized smoking.
Bringing illegal drugs or weapons to the hotel is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate eviction from the hotel. Moreover, in each case the competent authorities will be notified.

In case of emergency

The fire alarm is a loud siren. When you hear the fire alarm you are not permitted to return to your room and must leave the hotel via the fastest way. In this case, you may NOT use the elevators. Use the stairs and emergency staircase only. All emergency exits are marked accordingly. Escape plans are located at the reception desk, on the doors of every room and in the hallways. Depending on the particular situation, the emergency meeting point is either in front of or behind the hotel.


The customer is liable for culpably or negligently damaged inventory or excessive soiling. If the guilty person within a group cannot be ascertained, the entire group shall be held liable for the damages. The hotel reserves the right to demand a deposit – either on arrival or during the stay – in the amount of up to 500 EUR (or 500 GBP) per booking. The deposit will be returned at departure provided that no damages or excessive soiling were determined at departure. Damages – or costs to clean excessive soiling – that exceed the deposit amount must be settled directly at the hotel. These costs will be billed retroactively if third party costs – for the deployment of the fire service or other emergency services – are invoiced to the hotel. This also applies to damages or excessive soiling that was only noticed after the departure of the customer or group.



The General Terms and Conditions of Schulz Hotels apply. These can be downloaded at or be made available to you by the Hotel.

A gross violation of the House Rules, the General Terms and Conditions or non-compliance with instructions by the hotel team will result in eviction from the hotel. Reimbursement for already paid services is excluded.

Thank you for your attention and for observing our House Rules. We are available should you have any further questions concerning your stay.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Schulz Hotels.

Your Team Schulz

Updated 23.04.2018