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Room Amenities

Well-appointed and comfortable rooms.

  • Room concept that fits your particular needs
  • Regulable room climate
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • High-speed free Wi-Fi 
  • Smart TV Chrome connection


As your host, Schulz will take care of you with fabulous extras.

  • Room access per app
  • USB hubs
  • Designer bathroom
  • Queen-sized shower
  • Each room has its own history

Share your story!

Schulz gives each room an own name and shares its individual history with you.

About Schulz People
Shared Rooms

booking from May 2018


Share a room with other globetrotters – an economical way to spend a night.

booking from May 2018

Female Dorm

Women who would prefer to remain amongst themselves? No problem, we have female dorms.

booking from May 2018

Mini Dorm

You don’t mind sharing a room but you would prefer a bit quieter? – Our mini dorm is just right for you.

Private Rooms

Booking from May 2018

Single Room

For quiet nights and good books.

Booking from May 2018

Double Room

The standard classic for two. Children up to 3 can sleep in their parents‘ bed free of charge.

Booking from May 2018

3-bed Room

Very practical for a small family or three friends. This way no one has to sleep alone.

Booking from May 2018

4-bed Room

Nice and flexible! Travel with friends or family – and stay together.

Sweet dreams!