Who is Schulz?

Schulz – the German cosmopolitan embodies our new society. As a Berliner, a gentleman and host, Schulz represents the values of "New Germany". Schulz merges modern entrepreneurship with social responsibility, thus promoting the development of a cosmopolitan community that takes on responsibility in all areas of life. The founders of Schulz Hotels - Nizar Rokbani, Oskar Kan and Sascha Gechter – are thus continuing their success story in the hotel industry.   But with Schulz Hotels, they are upping the ante.

Sascha Gechter
Oskar Kan
Nizar Rokbani
The Schulz Story

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The world is opening up!

Schulz stands for an idea and an understanding of values that we have in common with our guests – even beyond national borders. We advocate a long overdue change in society and a new understanding of the hotel trade. Schulz doesn’t make a trade-off between 'successful' and 'sustainable' – we are striving for both!


You share the values of Schulz? Do not hesitate to work with us in Germany and all over Europe. For further information check our property requirements.

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  • 1/9

    The idea for Schulz Hotels was inspired by an impromptu trip by three old friends and business partners to South Africa. In Durban they meet a fascinating German named Schulz who’s at home anywhere in the world. He’s open and interested, hospitable and knows his way around. The stay with Schulz sparked the idea for Schulz Hotels. Find out here how it all began …

  • 2/9

    At the baggage carousel in Durban, they strike up a conversation with the man who’d been speaking an African language behind them on the plane. He was German. Hey, do you have any idea offhand where one can find a place to stay tonight? Yes, stay at my place. I’ve been apartment-sitting for a friend for a few weeks now. I rent out the guestroom to people like you. If you want, come along with me. By the way, I’m Schulz.

  • 3/9

    At the terminal exit, Schulz hails over a minibus that’s blaring loud music. As they climb into it, they notice that the bus has a 10-person capacity but at least nine people are already seated. The lack of seats doesn’t seem to bother anyone and they quickly strike up a conversation with the others. Cool music!

  • 4/9

    The apartment isn’t big but very comfortable. There guestroom offers plenty of space for three. The double beds are shoved apart, Nizar claims the loft bed. From the living room they marvel at the ocean view. The apartment is in the beachfront district with lots of action.

  • 5/9

    Schulz shows them the city’s attraction and takes them to some trendy locations. This is where young people meet afternoons to listen to music and have a beach BBQ. Over there’s an indoor market where I love to shop for groceries. Surfing is a part of life in Durban. An Austrian friend of mine spends the European autumn and winter here at the oceanfront – or on the waves.

  • 6/9

    Schulz guides them past market stands and tells them about South Africa’s culinary culture. Even though we live by the sea, South Africans eat relatively little fish. But it sure looks delicious, doesn’t it?

  • 7/9

    They cook together in Schulz‘ kitchen and talk about life deep into the night. The three of them are impressed by the fellow who – as they find out – lives like this not only in Durban but in other places too. He calls six continents home and reconciles apparent opposites in other respects as well. Just like the three friends. Say, why do you travel around with a backpack when you could afford much more?

  • 8/9

    Oskar, Sascha and Nizar begin to wax lyrical on the third night with Schulz. Who would have thought that we’d get to delve so deeply into local life? It’s better than any hotel; all hotels should be like this! Hey boys, we can do hotels! Let’s set up a hotel that’s like our adventure here with Schulz: Cosmopolitan, warm, familiar …