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The world is opening up!

Entering a new age in the hotel trade with a strong sense of responsibility


Schulz – the German cosmopolitan embodies our new society. As a Berliner, a gentleman and host, Schulz represents the values of "New Germany". Schulz merges modern entrepreneurship with social responsibility, thus promoting the development of a cosmopolitan community that takes on responsibility in all areas of life. The founders of Schulz Hotels - Nizar Rokbani, Oskar Kan and Sascha Gechter – are thus continuing their success story in the hotel industry.   But with Schulz Hotels, they are upping the ante.

Sascha Gechter

Expansion, Finance and

Oskar Kan

Project development and Construction

Nizar Rokbani

Operation, Distribution and
Central Services

Schulz stands for an idea and an understanding of values that we have in common with our guests – even beyond national borders. We advocate a long overdue change in society and a new understanding of the hotel trade. Schulz doesn’t make a trade-off between 'successful' and 'sustainable' – we are striving for both!


Schulz is a part of Berlin and thus feels that supporting and advancing society is an important mission. We source many of our products from local businesses and markets. The hotel too was furnished and outfitted locally. Our staff is part of this society and is given leeway to devote part of their working hours to Berlin-based social projects. Schulz donates part of the profits made to support the local community and boost equal opportunity and integration. Schulz supports local neighborhood schools by funding class trips. The Schulz Family offers educational opportunities, apartments and space for individuality.


But Schulz also advocates the children of tomorrow and fosters inter-generational fairness. In pursuit of this goal, we have developed an innovative, modular spatial concept and we use only 100 % renewable energy. We also check sustainability figures in a targeted way to make sure we don’t use more resources than absolutely necessary. Furthermore, we use a centrally controlled air conditioning system,  water-saving sensors and have installed LED light technology as well as created a system for demand-driven ordering that reduces waste.

We collaborate with local businesses, international partners and Berlin society to intensify our sustainability efforts and to get better at what we do all the time.

Sustainability development


Class trips for disadvantaged students from Berlin

Collaborations with charitable projects

Donations & sponsoring

Corporate citizenship


Personal development opportunities for staff

Staff can get involved in charitable projects

Hiring of staff based on their person and not just their credentials



CO2 neutral arrival with our partners

100% renewable energy

Modular and innovative room concept

Waste avoidance

Centrally-controlled  air conditioning

Demand-driven ordering system

Water-saving sensors: faucets and showers 

LED lighting

Sustainability figures to reduce waste



Promotion of Berlin as an economic base

Sponsoring of numerous projects


Cooperation with local enterprises, construction, suppliers, service providers

Sustainable business practices

Cooperation with the HWR sustainability masterstudents


You share the values of Schulz? Do not hesitate to work with us in Germany and all over Europe. For further information check our property requirements.

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