What happens, when an Israeli writer and a Palestinian journalist meet? Will personalized robots be the love interest of the future? And how is life on the Mexican side of the fence?

24 times this Advent we open up to a new topic - stories to laugh, to wonder and to rethink, stories from Berlin, from distant continents and from Middle-earth. And 24 times every hotel guest gets the chance to win - just have a look at the reception and see if maybe you can take today’s book home.
To everyone else we recommend the bookstore Leseglück (= happy reading) in Kreuzberg – here you will not only find delicious cappuccinos, a lot of passion for reading and selected books from small publishers, but also a piece of real Berlin that is not to be found in any travel guide. All books can also be ordered online and sent to your home. 

Happy holidays and cozy days,

Book of the day

Before They Pass Away

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