Schulz Hotel

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Stralauer Platz 36 | 10243 Berlin

Why are we different?

Hotel-typical working hours? Not with Schulz!
Stay flexible so you can reconcile your work and family life. We consider your preferred working hours and allow home office if possible - wherever you live

Training and coaching 
We offer you training on/off-the-job & free language classes

We offer a home to guests and staff alike!
Are you still looking for accommodations? We have staff housing in the form of 1-room apartments and rooms in a flat share in Berlin.

Come as you are:
With fresh ideas, a great personality and in your own clothes. We give you space to freely evolve and develop; Schulz encourages individuality. Be who you are!

Get involved in Schulz' community service projects
Work for a sustainable employer and do volunteer work during your work hours. Schulz, after all, donates 5% of profits to local charitable projects.

Our experience

Schulz Hotels

  • Sustainable employer
  • International hotel group

Freudberg Schule

  • Our sponsorship project
  • realizing equal opportunities
  • Collaboration with educators


  • Founding and selling
  • Establishing an international group
  • 20 years of experience

Your role as a F&B Service Member

  • Never boring: work for our café, bar, breakfast, à-la-carte-restaurant
  • You are the kind of host you’d love to have yourself,  and you serve as a model for a new kind of hotel business
  • Your dedication and independent style of working creates a productive community  in which we all can grow
  • You are open-minded with regard our guests’ questions, suggestions and complaints
  • Your work style expresses your joy at being a true host and you create a warm and friendly atmosphere
  • You actively introduce your gastronomical affinity into your work – ideally along with know-how acquired through training, higher education or practice
  • Your quality-consciousness and eye for detail make Schultz better – day for day!
  • You communicate with our guests in good English at a minimum; preferably you also speak German
  • Your well-groomed look and professional demeanor reflect our high quality standard
  • You provide active support in carrying out F&B promotions and campaigns. You cooperate actively in all areas of the operative hotel business.

as of now - full time/part time/ mini job - in Berlin

 Further questions? Please ask Kerstin:

Your Employer


"Schulz Hotels is the latest coup by the Meininger Hotel founders Sascha Gechter, Nizar Rokbani and Oskar Kan. As we recall, the three founded the Meininger hostel chain, which rapidly emerged as one of the big players in the European hotel business."

- Rolling Pin, 05.10.2017

"A lot of symbolism went into the new Schulz Hotel. – The Meininger founders, Nizar Rokbani, Oskar Kan and Sascha Gechter, are back with a visionary project: An invisible brand ambassador is behind the Schulz Hotel."

- AHGZ, 09.02.2018

"Are you interested in knowing what our colleagues have to say about Schulz? Have a look here right here!"

Robert, Hotelmanager


Your Benefits

May the force be with you